Visiting Italy during the Easter holidays is an opportunity not to be missed: from north to south, cities and towns are invaded by popular festivals, processions, religious rites, sacred representations, fables and folklore traditions that recall the Passion of Christ.

Holy Thursday is the evening devoted to the “Eucharistic celebration” with a visit to the Sepulcher (the Sepulcher encloses the Body of Christ), which are made in every parish. The moment reminds us of the Last Supper. The Good Friday is the day of absolute mourning, the streets are illuminated by torches and are crossed by various processions and streets of crucis.

On Holy Saturday at midnight the bells announce to the people the Resurrection: moment of great joy that has its culmination on Sunday. After the Lenten long time, the Easter lamb is consumed and eggs and dumplings are distributed. The egg, a symbol of renewed life and auspicious of fertility, is linked to the meaning of Easter as the feast of spring and the rejuvenation of nature.

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